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The Results of the “You Bet Your Haiku I Do” Contest
By Various Contributors

So here they are kids. The winners for the Saddle Creek-inspired contest.

The bad S.U.V.
Polluting my tax bracket
I listen coughing
-Submitted by Jon Miller, Dayton, Ohio

Washington, D.C.
Conor Oberst played for me
A drunk man, indeed!
-Submitted by Erica Joyner, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Keyboards and drop D
Emo bands and D.I.Y.
Omaha Nebraska?
-Submitted by Tim Minneci, Westerville, Ohio
(Editor’s note: Not quite a perfect haiku because of the six-syllable last line, but good effort.)

Saddle Creek 50?
They sho missin' 50 Cent
He ain't on Da’ Creek
-Submitted by Kyle Eby, Englewood, Ohio

Bleeding profusely
Makeshift liner note bandage
Saddle Creek saved me
-Submitted by Ryan Peterson, Saratoga, California

Trying to look tough
Cranking Bright Eyes to the max
Oh shit I'm a wuss
-Submitted by Matt Schuster, Chicago, Illinois

By comparison
Saddle Creek rocks it hardest
I should fucking win
-Submitted by Natasha Kalb, Portsmouth, Ohio

Daggers in a blink
Progression a circle isn't
Bleeding out my eye
-Submitted by Justin Brewer, Easley, South Carolina

Bright Eyes playing loud
I lose myself in their words
I'm emo, not gay
-Submitted by Will Benton, Anderson, South Carolina




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